Interactive Swarm Space


Term Explanation
Buffer a multi-channel, multi-sample data type
Channel a multi-sample data type
Frame a multi-channel data type for a single sample
Patch setup of connected ISOSynth units
InputUnit a unit that sends data (e.g. Noise, WaveTableOscil, InputFile...)
OutputUnit a unit that receives data (e.g. JackOutputUnit, statistic units...)
ProcessUnit a unit that has both input and output ports (e.g. AddUnit, DelayUnit, LimiterUnit)
ChannelMap routing description used when making multi-channel connections between units (see Chapter Multichannel)
Class Type of object, written by the programmer in the form of a header file and c++ file (*.h, *.cpp).
Object Instance of a class (or type)
Method each class and object has its own methods (aka "functions"). Think of it as the services this class or object provides
Constructor method that constructs a new unit or any other instance of a class (aka, an "object")
Inheritance if a class inherits from another class, all public and protected methods and internal types are available to the child class as well.