Interactive Swarm Space

Here you find the api documentation for all the frameworks that form part of the ISO/ISS development environment.

Online Code Reference (Doxygen)

(can also be downloaded here in compressed format)

iso_base_docs Fundamental classes needed by all other ISO libraries
iso_cl_docs OpenCL Wrapper and Tools
iso_com_docs Network Communication
iso_data_docs Data Structures
iso_event_docs Event Handling
iso_flock_docs Flocking Simulation
iso_font_docs Font Handling
iso_geom_docs Geometrical Objects
iso_gl_docs OpenGL Wrapper and Tools
iso_img_docs Image Loading
iso_math_docs Math Functionality
iso_quicktime_docs Quicktime Wrapper
iso_serialize_docs Serialization and Deserialization Tools
iso_space_docs Spatial Objects and Neighborhood Calculations
iso_synth_docs Sound Synthesis, Signal Processing and Audio Spatialization
iso_tracker_docs Wrappers for Camera Drivers and Video Tracking
iso_visual_docs Visual Processing and Rendering
iso_xml_docs XML Wrapper

Last updated: May 15, 2024